Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Holy Crap a Blog!


Yes, Me, Blogging, How rare xD

So this is just a little update and kinda for me to tell you guys i'm getting kinda serious about Gyaruo again. Because of that I have decided that by September this year, I want a 100% gyaruo wardrobe. Recently I threw out a lot of clothes, and there are still some remain that arent exactly "Gyaruo" Looking. So, my goal is by september to replace those with actual Gyaruo clothing. Meaning, if you are a Gyaruo and reading this, and you have stuff for sale, I will buy that stuff O-O.

Today is the last day I'll have long(ish) hair for a while btw guys. I was an idiot and dyed my hair purple and bleached it all in the same few hours. Meaning it started snapping off and yeah...So its going short now, so I can get rid of the damage and start fresh. Tho as soon as I can i'm gonna be dying it blonde again! This time with a weaker peroxide tho.

So for all of y'all who haven't seen it, here is the last picture that was taken before my haircut!!

I've actually not be liking my makeup recently, so I'm trying a new brand. I ordered some MAC products yesterday, so I shall review them asap!! 

Here's where I mention that there are some exciting things going on that i cant talk about atm.

Thanks a bunch.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Virgin Blak Order and Review

That's right, I stopped posting and then poofed for a while from my social networking sites, which means
its time for me to do another blog post!!
Y'know, I should probally stay more on top of my blog.

So I got a job, which is a thing, and I always live by, save what you need to save for
But have fun with your first pay cheque, so i did! I bought myself a PS Vita and a
order from this website called Virgin Blak. I found out about them a while back.
Maybe 1 or 2 summers ago? It was posted by Someone on facebook, and i checked it out,
instantly dying on the inside, because I was still in school and I thought i'd never have that kind of money
Then i got a job and realised that its more than possible!! 

So lets kick off the review by talking about the site itself. I find the site quite easy to navigate, but
it can be a little glitchy from time to time, regardless of the browser I use. However this could also
be my computer as I have not yet had a chance to try it out on both of my computers.
Visually its very appealing to me, its edgy enough, without being too over the top or too generic. So
overall the site itself did very good.

Site itself: 4/5 Stars

So onto delivery times!
I ordered from them once before over christmas, and I didnt use the fedex delivery. This was a mistake
There were delays because of the holidays, and my item just kinda hung around in Korea for weeks
yeah, it wasn't good and I got kind of pissed off, but that wasn't Virgin Blak's fault, I should
have payed extra for expected delivery, which to the UK isn't THAT much more expensive
other than the part where it is, but I'd say its worth it, as this time I used it and got my much larger order in
under a week.

Standard Delivery: 2/5 Stars
Expected: 4/5 Stars

Finally, the items!! I won't be reviewing them, as although i've tried them all on, i haven't really gone out in them yet, and I kinda feel like that's necessary for a review.

For the packaging...The packaging isnt exactly anything special, but it isnt bad. Its just plastic wrap that has the Virgin Blak logo on it, but it does its job. 

Packaging 3/5 Stars 

First Item!
Mesh Leopard Print Top

 If you know me, then you know I have an unhealthy obsession with leopard print. Unhealthy for my wallet at least, which ironically is not leopard print. I have to say, when i saw this top it was just an insta-buy. The material is soft, It looks great, everything about it is just wonderful. I do wish the neckline was bigger tho, and that's probably something I'll fix up myself, but other than that, it's amazing. 

Faux Leather Shorts

I know what you're thinking. Or maybe I dont. I've had mixed reviews on these shorts from friends
I have to say that I personally love them, and think they're gonna look amazing with a pair of
black 3/4 length leggings under them. I got them because I dont actually own any shorts and
I'd never seen something quite like these before, ugh, I just love em!!! 

Faux Leather Pants

I have never actually owned any skinny leather pants before, so these were a "Let's see what they're like"
Kinda purchase. They feel pretty comfortable, from when i tried them on. They fit just fine,
they look great. I love em. Now to build a whole co-ord around them, hehe. 

Snake Print Tank Top
(Pretend there is a picture here and i totally didn't derp and forget to take it)

This I have to say is the only disappointment. I got it to go under the mesh shirt and while it works, I kinda
wanted a top that was more...fitted, y'know? Since baggy under baggy just makes a person look kinda
fat. I hope i find some kinda use for it, since I do like it! I just cant use it for what i got it for, which sucks. 

Skull Bag 

If you've ever seen me at a gal meet, you'll know I didn't own a "Gal-O Bag". I just had what my fiance
and I call "The European shoulder bag". Which is nice, it did its job, but it was kinda boring. So I'm so happy i have this bag!! It has so much room in there for my stuff (by that I mean my phone, wallet, netbook and PSVita) , it's just perfect and everything I look for in a bag.

Alright guys, so overall Virgin Blak Gets

5/5 Stars

If you want to know why then simply Re-read this review!

Also, GGA's are coming up, what to you guys thing, excited, dont care, hate it? let me know in the comments below!! 

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Grab Somebody Sexy! Its 2013!

And a Hello to you and a Merry new year, Dear follower Chum.
Yes You heard, we all survived though to 2013, other than all the people who didnt, and that is sad, but this is not a time for sadness, this is a time for joy and looking back.
So I shall, i shall look back on the Joyful time of my newyear celebration!
Which I shall tell you about.
In this blog Post.
Starting Now.
Here we go.
SO I started on the 30th by watching Pitch perfect with a few friends. Its a great Movie, defiantly right up there as one of my fave movies of all time now.
My Fave song from it was the "Cups" song. I like Techno and trance, but i really do like Accapella style songs, it really makes me wonder why i dont record some myself. 
So My boyfriend and his family took us out to this steak place called Black Angus, that was very very fun. 

For Starters My boyfriend and I shared a Shrimp Cocktail thingy.

It was so good! ;o; and i usually hate fish! but i let my boyfriend choose the starter as long as i got to choose the desert (Because I am Fatty-Chan)

For the main dish i had a Caesar Salad with Chicken and Fries...Yes i know, I should've chosen steak, but when choosing steak i always panic @.@ They're like "how would you like it done" and stuff, and i usually forget how you can have a steak done, so i sit there silent till i say something stupid like "BY A HUMAN" . I Feel like i should write this stuff down....oh wait.
Then It was time for desert. I will not explain just yet. Here's a picture of what we ate.

My Mouth is pregnant.
Honestly it was so good.
I mean it was GOOD
While leaving Black Angus my boyfriend got a text from our friend Miranda
"Party Starts at 7"
Suddenly we had new years party plans and i was so happy i took a random picture of me in the car! :O

So we went over to Mirandas and were greeted with Crack Cookies

They wernt really crack xD It was Powdered sugar, but by the end of the night the cookies ended up on the floor and over half the guests, so Miranda decided to vacuum everyone down.

Aint No one powdery round Miranda's Place.

Aint No one.

Then we played "Cards against Humanity" Its like Apples to Apples, but you have to play it drunk and it has adult things in it only. It was so much fun, you end up having to do things like "-Blank- Is a slippery slope that leads to -blank-" Obviously With the cards i had i put "The Pope is a Slippery Slope that leads to Molestation" 

Then the Ball Dropped, we partied for a bit and went home. I was drunk. 

What did you do for new year?

Monday, 31 December 2012

Parties, Something i'm not Inclined to

Well a Howdy to you my Dear Reader Chum
What a pleasure it is for my words to be prancing through your mind.
So how are you? Hmm, interesting, now, back to me.
I went to a party.
I re-dyed my hair silver.
I did it using hair toner for the first time, it was the first time I've used Toner.
I used Wella Silver Lady T14 Toner and 20 vol processor.
It didn't damage my hair too bad, but i was scared if i left it too long it would make my hair purple.
It didnt.
So that was good.
I went to my friends yearly "I love my family but Dear god i need a drink" Party.
It was my 3rd ever american parties. Parties are diffrent in america, in england by
the end of a party, there will always be someone naked, someone throwing up and
someone crying. There was none of those at this party, It was very very nice I must say.
I have never been one of those people, but i do enjoy a good cuddle when drunk, at this party if
I saw my boyfriend hugging someone, I would join in and yell "GAY SAMMICH HUG"
Drunk me is more awesome than drunk you.
For the party I wore this Jacket i got from Virgin Blak for Christmas, i did order some jeans from Virgin Blak but they have not yet arrived. I think order times to America from them are very different from order times to England.
Actually, these are things i have ordered.
1. Jeans from VB
2. Boots From Ebay
3. Swimsuit
4. Circle Lenses

I need all of them to arrive on the 3rd at latest as I'm going to a Anime convention called "Sac Anime" on the 4th and staying till Sunday.
Here's a picture of me sober at the party.
Fare thee well~
See you next post~

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Re-Work, Wat.

So, a Hello to you my Dear Friend and what a while it has been since i have blogged last. 
I am here, in San Fransisco, It is currently 4am, and i am tired. Why chose to make this post now of all times you may ask, well my Dear follower chum, that is what i am about to tell you. 
I am making this post now because I will forget if i don't do it.
So some fun facts about where and what i'm doing.
As you might be able to see I have re-worked the blog completely.
I was going to do a "Super Hero" type thing to show i am really into comic books and stuff, but i feel the whole "Faustness" theme fits me much better, and i do hope you agree. As much as i would like to be a comic book hero and bounce about from building to building in spandex, i feel that would be for a different, oddly more gay, blog.
I am part of the Gal Circle Rebel Starr now, but if you didnt already know that then you are very far behind my Dear Follower Chum, Very Far behind indeed.
And Finally, My Hair is silver, Enjoy the picture below.
I am now going to bed as i am tired and my Boyfriend has finished Playing Borderlands 2.

Please Leave a comment telling me what you've done recently!
Also check out my youtube!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Alex's give Away

Alex has A give away
Its ultra hip and super groovy
That was me trying to be "Down With teh Kids"
Here's the link to it! O-O

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Host Style?

I am changing my style?
Because i feel that in the past year where i havent been posting that much, a lot happend and i have changed quite a bit as a person...and i like the style a lot better and have descovered that it looks a lot better on me.

That is all.
New Blog still in the works.
Gal VIP is a thing. 
K Thanks.
Here's  Some pictures.