Sunday, 21 August 2011

Scared to be Foregn?

So you may or may not have heard about the london riots.
Personally i live in a town, about an hour away from london by train where
it's rare to see foregn people. Recently my town has started having "mini riots"
In which they will loot stores like the london riots, but they have also been
targeting foregn people. Fortunatly i'm russian so i can blend in somwhat
more easilly. HOWEVER this dosn't stop my fear D:
At school usually if i do somthing odd or out of the ordinary which causes
an aura of "wtf" I will say "I'M FOREGN, IT'S OKAY" but now
I kinda feel like...I dunno since not ALL brittish people are bad, and
I'm russian so i cant talk about riots when you look at russias history.

As you can see, at the moment i am a bundle of nerves, scaredness and stuff.

On wednesday 31st of this month I'm going into china town :3
For me this means the following
  • A Trip to Tokyo Toys
  • KFC (since i'm too cheap to buy chinese food...)
  • P-P-P-PURI~
  • Trocadero
  • Standing outside of the Les Mis theatre and remebering when i saw it....and how bad it was
I'm going with my friend Jess and Mabye Emma~
Unfortunatly Neither of them are Gyaru BUT
Jess has a Lolita Dress and pulls off the style Really well
and i just consider emma my resident cat girl.
Anyways, See Thee Next Bloooog~

Also i plan to spend much time on Para Para Paradise

OH! and for all of you that Didnt see, I uploaded a Practice Para Para Video.