Friday, 2 September 2011


If you hadnt geussed by this Post's title, I WENT TO CHINA TOWN

So the day started out at 12pm (which is early since i hadn't been 
getting up till at least 3 for the last week or so)
But i got the train from my town, emma Met up, and jess didnt come because
she had a open day at her new college. 

The first thing we id when we got to china town was find the puri machine, which we did....after an hour and a half of searching around china town D: that thing is well hidden.

Anyways here be the puri pictures~

after puri we had lunch, and at china town, sorrounded by oriental foods, being the broken sudents we are, we just went for some KFC....but we couldnt find one so we had McDonnalds xD
after that i got some circle lenses in tokyo toys (Pictures in the next post) and then emma had one
of those fish pedicure was creeeeepy D: