Saturday, 3 December 2011


So as y'all know from my past post, yesterday me and emma went into chinatown for her and myselfs birthday~
Our birthday is exactly a week apart, so YUS O3O 
I shall take you though our dayyy~

SO! When we arrived at victoria...we realised, London is probally gonna be busy for christmas shopping...that was...>3> oh nos. STILL AFTER TAKING US TWO HOURS TO GET TO LONDON WE FINALLY MADE IT...AND THEN ANOTHER 45 MINUTES TO GET TO CHINATOWN SINCE THE TUBE WAS PACKED O3O
But we had our priories set we went to Bubbleology before we did anything! and we descovered the use of Street navigational systems on phones o3o yay iphones~
But yus! We got bubble Tea! Tho i'm not sure what flavour i had since i ordred strawberry tea, with teh popping strawberries....but what i got was a milk tea, and i didnt wanna make them throw it away so i bought it >3> but emma got what i wanted so i was kinda jelous xD;; (tho i didnt tell her)

But yar, Milk tends to give me a tummy ache, so I had a Tummy ache for the rest of the day ;o; BUT IT WAS COOL...I DUNNO WHY...BUT IT JUST WAS YOU HEAR ME O3O

From Bubbleology we went to teh japan center via Street Navigational System and...I GOT MY FIRST EVERY COPY OF MENS EGG -squee- it was the last one there too! :o so i was happy about getting it ^o^ and i shall be reading it in the abundance o-o IN THE ABUNDANCE I SAY 
After Japan centre we decided we would move on to puri and get some dinner, since some how only those 3 stops took us till 3:30pm (I'm convinced time is a diffrent thing in china town) so TO PURI O3O

Puri was fuuuun~ Tho i spaced completly and didnt do any of the gyaru or gyaruo poses...OH WELL, since we were planning on going back later anyways~ 
For dinner me and emma decided (at the recomendation of  tobi) to go to the japanese place, we got there, we ordered We had never had ramen before, but i'd seen it in another japanese place, and it wasnt that big, so we got a ramen each and about 2 or 3 side orders between us...then...OH DEAR GOD IT WAS HUGE (that's what she said) ;O; BUT IT WAS SO GOOD I FELT GUILTY NOT EATING IT, I sereiously think there is a chance it got my mouth pregnant. Tho during dinner i got a text from Tobi and he couldnt make it to the puri session later that day, but he was doing something important xD;; so it couldn't be helped~
So after dinner we moved on to the "Oriental Delight" store, were i always get green tea from, and i got these strawberry puff goooood ;o; tho now i'm getting a bit self concious i eat too many unhealthy things. 

After we'd finished up buying candeh! we went back to Puri for a second session x3''
I had my first solo shot in this session...i'm not sure if i like it >3>

I think my faveourite one is probally the last on here xD;; I actually think its one of the best pictures of me looking Gyaruo, and i kinda feel like...i'm almost done ALMOST not quite yet, done with this Pre-Gyaruo pereiod, mabye when i get more gyaruo clothes i can consider myself out of it o-o...and when i can do a half decent solo puri picture x3

Well after this we finished up everywhere, and deicded to head back, on our way back we stopped in Tokyo Toys and i got circle lenses! :o
So expect a review of them coming soon! (Original, I know! O3O)
Then after much confusion with some underground entrances being closed, we went home...and died of exhaustion xD
Anyways Till Next Time