Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Holy Crap a Blog!


Yes, Me, Blogging, How rare xD

So this is just a little update and kinda for me to tell you guys i'm getting kinda serious about Gyaruo again. Because of that I have decided that by September this year, I want a 100% gyaruo wardrobe. Recently I threw out a lot of clothes, and there are still some remain that arent exactly "Gyaruo" Looking. So, my goal is by september to replace those with actual Gyaruo clothing. Meaning, if you are a Gyaruo and reading this, and you have stuff for sale, I will buy that stuff O-O.

Today is the last day I'll have long(ish) hair for a while btw guys. I was an idiot and dyed my hair purple and bleached it all in the same few hours. Meaning it started snapping off and yeah...So its going short now, so I can get rid of the damage and start fresh. Tho as soon as I can i'm gonna be dying it blonde again! This time with a weaker peroxide tho.

So for all of y'all who haven't seen it, here is the last picture that was taken before my haircut!!

I've actually not be liking my makeup recently, so I'm trying a new brand. I ordered some MAC products yesterday, so I shall review them asap!! 

Here's where I mention that there are some exciting things going on that i cant talk about atm.

Thanks a bunch.