Saturday, 3 December 2011


So as y'all know from my past post, yesterday me and emma went into chinatown for her and myselfs birthday~
Our birthday is exactly a week apart, so YUS O3O 
I shall take you though our dayyy~

SO! When we arrived at victoria...we realised, London is probally gonna be busy for christmas shopping...that was...>3> oh nos. STILL AFTER TAKING US TWO HOURS TO GET TO LONDON WE FINALLY MADE IT...AND THEN ANOTHER 45 MINUTES TO GET TO CHINATOWN SINCE THE TUBE WAS PACKED O3O
But we had our priories set we went to Bubbleology before we did anything! and we descovered the use of Street navigational systems on phones o3o yay iphones~
But yus! We got bubble Tea! Tho i'm not sure what flavour i had since i ordred strawberry tea, with teh popping strawberries....but what i got was a milk tea, and i didnt wanna make them throw it away so i bought it >3> but emma got what i wanted so i was kinda jelous xD;; (tho i didnt tell her)

But yar, Milk tends to give me a tummy ache, so I had a Tummy ache for the rest of the day ;o; BUT IT WAS COOL...I DUNNO WHY...BUT IT JUST WAS YOU HEAR ME O3O

From Bubbleology we went to teh japan center via Street Navigational System and...I GOT MY FIRST EVERY COPY OF MENS EGG -squee- it was the last one there too! :o so i was happy about getting it ^o^ and i shall be reading it in the abundance o-o IN THE ABUNDANCE I SAY 
After Japan centre we decided we would move on to puri and get some dinner, since some how only those 3 stops took us till 3:30pm (I'm convinced time is a diffrent thing in china town) so TO PURI O3O

Puri was fuuuun~ Tho i spaced completly and didnt do any of the gyaru or gyaruo poses...OH WELL, since we were planning on going back later anyways~ 
For dinner me and emma decided (at the recomendation of  tobi) to go to the japanese place, we got there, we ordered We had never had ramen before, but i'd seen it in another japanese place, and it wasnt that big, so we got a ramen each and about 2 or 3 side orders between us...then...OH DEAR GOD IT WAS HUGE (that's what she said) ;O; BUT IT WAS SO GOOD I FELT GUILTY NOT EATING IT, I sereiously think there is a chance it got my mouth pregnant. Tho during dinner i got a text from Tobi and he couldnt make it to the puri session later that day, but he was doing something important xD;; so it couldn't be helped~
So after dinner we moved on to the "Oriental Delight" store, were i always get green tea from, and i got these strawberry puff goooood ;o; tho now i'm getting a bit self concious i eat too many unhealthy things. 

After we'd finished up buying candeh! we went back to Puri for a second session x3''
I had my first solo shot in this session...i'm not sure if i like it >3>

I think my faveourite one is probally the last on here xD;; I actually think its one of the best pictures of me looking Gyaruo, and i kinda feel like...i'm almost done ALMOST not quite yet, done with this Pre-Gyaruo pereiod, mabye when i get more gyaruo clothes i can consider myself out of it o-o...and when i can do a half decent solo puri picture x3

Well after this we finished up everywhere, and deicded to head back, on our way back we stopped in Tokyo Toys and i got circle lenses! :o
So expect a review of them coming soon! (Original, I know! O3O)
Then after much confusion with some underground entrances being closed, we went home...and died of exhaustion xD
Anyways Till Next Time

Sunday, 13 November 2011

New Design And Birthday (Short Post)

So as y'all can see i have re-designed the blog.
What do y'all think?
I chose to do this because I think this design has more to do
with the direction I'm going in with gyaruo (see last post if you don't know what direction I'm going in)
I kinda feel that it's important to keep my blogs image up to date with the image I want to have for myself  ^^
Opinions? Do you like the new look? Do you hate it?
On another note, For my birthday I'm going into Chinatown with my Friends Jess and Emma ^^
Its probably gonna be December 3rd, and we're gonna do a puri session when we're there, so if any of y'all are in the Chinatown area and want to meet up and do a puri session and stuff you should like come along! :o
It feels weird to think I'm gonna be technically an adult...but i still look 14...I LIKE LOOKING YOUNG O3O IT LETS ME GET INTO LONDON FOR CHEAP O3O
Anyways, Till next time
Fare Thee Well~

Thursday, 10 November 2011


Sooo after a bit of advice from Tobi, And a bit of time to think. I have decided what style I'm going to go for. I went though all of them and this is what i managed to come up with.
Oni-Kei - Not really my thing, a little too grown up
Host-Kei - I like it, I think it looks cool and stuff but I dont think i'd be able to do that style full time, mostly because it looks freakihsly expansive xD;; HOWEVER If i do somehow end up running into a lot of money I will attempt it, but from what i've seen most people who wear this style are rather...tall >3> so i dont think i'd physically be able to pull of this style. 
Sentaa - I actually have LOADS of respect for anyone who wears either Sentaa or Manba styles, i personally see this as a form of true self expression which not everyone is able to do, one of those not everyone is me >3> mostly because my school would flip, and i mean FALIIIIIP if somone was to go in with that makeup and style xD;; But even then i dont think i'd have the confidence to wear it. 
Street Snap from mens egg - I like it, I like it A LOT and i think out of all of them this style will be the most do-able, and when i can think more i'm gonna re-design my blog around this style but theeeeen...
Cocolulu - OIEWGIUEFAIJOIJOESH OMG I THINK I'M IN LOVE WITH THE GUYS WHO WEAR THIS STYLE ITS FREAKING AMAZING...ahem...I love this style, all the colours involved and the hairstyles and the...yes, because yes. But then my only withdrawl is i love boots...a lot...xD;; would i be able to wear boots with this style, or should i go for a mix between cocolulu and the mens egg styles >3>;; Kinda like following Sui's lead and doing my own take on gyaruo...mabye...-is confused- 
ANYWAYS here's pictures of the style i will be attempting from now on.

DIETING!?...well kinda...

Oh Hai Gaiz!
So as you can tell by the topc's title I am going on a kinda diet.
Basically this all started when i found out i need to get a sports award for the uni I want to go to, and i lack one of those. I actually have several arts awards (In both costume design and Performance) And i have a academics award but NOTHING in sports.
I was actually stopped from doing P.E class in year 9 xD;; mostly because i refused to go in on the days when I had P.E. Soooo yar, basically I have To take up Track, Swimming or Gymnastics (I'm Chosing Gymnastics)
How the hell does this relate to gyaruo you ask?
Well as it stands i have no muscle on AT ALL i'm just skinny xD;;
but its because of that skinny, natually huge eyed physical appearance i'm able to go with a more...quirky take of the gyaruo style rather than the Host style or Mens Egg styles =w='' (Although i still ADORE the mens egg style) Basically i'm looking for advice here on what kinda style i should go for, as far as i've seen hosts tend to be more muscular, but i'm too short too pull off that style at only 5'3

Anyways, currently i am sitting in my schools theatre listening to bad apple and drinking diet pepsi. My Class are practicing a dance that's going to be in a show that's tonight and i'm not in this dance xD;; So i just decided to sit in the theatre and do some work...then the internet happned and here we are! :O

Oh another thing!
If i dont get into uni this year i'm thinking on studying fashion, do any of y'all know any colleges in london that would be good for fashion? I'd be comuting every day so it'd have to be easily acsessable from victoria. If not i'm going to have to go to canterbury for fashion, which would be nice since I love how relaxed Canterbury is, but at the same time the last time i went there i got lost and stood in dog poop...bad times...Soooo yar, i'm convinced the city hates me xD;; 
The only other thing i'd want to do other than fashion is recording arts since i am a voice actor and stuff, recording arts is a more stable career path than fashion and would actually help me break into voice acting and would actually relate to what i've been doing for the past 2 years, but at the same time I wanna do fashion xD;;

So as you can see from this post my mind is everywhere at the moment so i think i'm going to end this post before I start to make even less sense. So i leave you with some advice from me for this blog: Never put Jam in a toaster.


(More Gyaruo related blog posts to come, i promise! as soon as my circle lenses arive i'm gonna do something that no one else has done before and review them! :O )

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


So this past weekend i went to london for expo! :o
While there i went to a Gal Meetup

It was my First Gal meetup + my first time meeting EVERYONE there xD;; and since i'm socially awkard i was somewhat silent for the first 30 minutes or so x3;; 
Not really silent so much as...Scentences became very hard to hard D: 
But none the less after the first Purikura session i was able to ease up a bit x3;; 

BUT YUS! The following pictures are of my first puri session with everyone~
Cookie monster in Puri, FTW


That was fun and watching everyone edit their pictures was...out of this world o.o
When i tryed Purikura with my friend emma when we found it by accident (After looking for it for 2 hours...) we were very VERY slow to edit compared to everyone else here. I'm still in awe just thinking about it xD;;

Soon after I did another Puri session with Tobi and Amelie
 You can see my hoodie in this one x3;; and my Jeans that i got from...i dunno where, but unfortuatly my top dosnt show too well...or at least its cut, so i shall wear it again someplace, and it will be in the next blog i do about clothes~
 I just wanna say I adored Amelie's makeup, it was so cool x3 -geeks out-
While editing the puri pictures Amelie pointed out to me that some backgrounds print with sparkles and some of the...ima call them stamps and paterns...well they print all sparkally too, and you know what, it sparkled, IT FREAKING SPARKLED...ahem

But yus, after all that we got bubble tea and headed back to expo! 
On the way back to expo I talked with Yamii....She is awesome xD;; she started Gyaru the same
time i started gyaruo so we decided that we would be best newbies~ 

Btw i got Strawberry flavoured bubble tea x3

anyways~ that's all for this post so till next time

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Gyaruo Wishlist

Oh Hullo Thar~
How are y'all? I'm good x3;; just a little lacking on energy
which sucks since i have to record lines for a fandub i'm in >3>
...recently i've noticed i seem a little bipolar in my blog posts...i'm gonna take it as a good thing, tho i'm not sure it is a good thing...o-o 
Anyways, I planned to make this a while back, so here is my Gyaruo Wishlist.

Okay First off is this sleevless hoodie thing! :o
Seeing as its winter i need to start getting more things like this x3;; 

I own very few acsessories, and this one looks cool...Eeeyup.

It's kinda hard to see where the image is so small, but the edges of these are actually all freyed.
I dunno why but i'm a big fan of freyed edges x3;;
Although i'm not sure about the long sleve thing. Where I'm short long sleve things tend to be
A little big on me >.> So that's kinda worrying.

I mean...err..ahem...yeah...these pants are cool and stuff...

I love me some boots O3O so as a result i like these, I only have 1 set of boots at the moment, but these are so much more cooler than my current ones xD;;
I have an odd fasination with eyes, and this ring looks kinda like an eye, and as I said in my last post, i dont own any rings, so as a result i want this ring in my life x3

My current bag is a Vocaloid bag, or a bag that looks like a teddy bear...Enough Said.

I really like the leopard print shirt here for some reason x3 I dunno if it'd suit me tho, still its worth trying it, riiight, riiiiiight?~

Its winter ;o;

Another Leopard print thing x3;; i hope i'm not forming a pattern, anyways yar. I don't own any leopard pring but (clearly) really like it...i should probally get some xD
As y'all should know from my last post about clothes, at my school we're required to wear black since we're on a performing arts course and they usually wear all black in professional theatre companies, so i really wanna get more things like this where its not just a plain...thing, yet its all black.

I've noticed that most gyaruo boots are less plain and are more like this, and as i mentioned above
my boots are very plain, i actually got them for a cosplay project about a year ago and didnt remeber them till i decided to become gyaruo, so although they're good for this...i geuss...pre-gyaruo pereiod i'm in, i can see them being replaceable (although i'll probally keep them seeing as i'm a sentimental idiot xD;;)

These jeans....yes. because yes...also the model wearing them although you can get a full view of him in this picture, but just so you know, he is yes...because yes.

I really like hoodies...and that's it xD;; i'm really descriptive when it comes to WHY i like things, arent I.

This is actually the last leopard print of this post. I like fitted shirts, i actually own one or two...mabye more, i'm not really all that sure now i think about it, NONE THE LESS, I like this shirt a lot xD
These pants are more funky than that penguin who wears a funky shooe.

Now, before i found this, i wasnt actually sure what kinda jackets gyaruo wore, or if they just like...layed a bunch of hoodies (dumb thing to wonder i know...) but yar, this jacket is pretty win and it will help for the 15 minute walk to my school...and when i turn 18 and actually get out a bit xD;;

I like this for the same reasons i liked the fitted leopard print fitted shirt...did i mention fitted?

OMG THESE BOOTS ARE FULL OF WIN AND YES. These are actually what i'm saving up for at the moment xD;; They look cool, they look warm and they...are just yes, because yes.

Now, these botts i want but i am never going to get xD;; they are actually about an inch bigger than the other two boots, and i'm 5'4, so if i get boots any bigger than the last two, it goes from me wearing boots, to the boots wearing me >.> t'is a shame, since they're cool.