Tuesday, 5 July 2011


So today on this day i have decided to change my style, I have been into Gyaru-O for near enough 2 years now but I have only just decided to do it now, why is that? well I looked in the mirror and kinda looked at my hair and my clothes and said to myself "what are you doing" I do performing arts, so people around me are looking amazing all the time and theres me just going with a average kinda...emo-ish style. Sereiously it just looks like "oh i wanna be diffrent and out there but i cant be botherd to go the full way" =.='' I'm sick of it, so after having words with myself i have decided to change. This blog will show the change from now till then, here is the only good exsisting recent picture of me, and i hope all of you will be intrested to see my change.

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