Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Oh hullo thar, long time no see. So you know i talked AGES ago about getting new clothes? well they arived and i took pictures :o

Here we have the cape cardigan which i adore, although it dosnt photograph well, but that might be somthing to do with....well i dunno what i was doing with my face in this picture 0.o but at teh same time I adore this, although it makes me look even shorter ^^'' fortunatly Gyaruo boots tend to have thick souls and heels so i become a little taller than usuall.

Here we have my black draped top. I got this because at my school we have to wear black, its a performing arts school so yeah, we can wear anything as long as its not jeans and its black. So this is perfect, I adore it and it feels really comfortable on, however I think i may have needed to go for the small as this does feel a little big on me but at teh same time it may shrink a little in the wash.

Here we have a blue version of what you see above and well what can i say -read what i said above-

This red top was a dissapointment, it was acutally what i was looking forward too the most but i dont think it suits me ~.~ it photographs well so thats a plus, but I think that this is just a no, i'm not sure tho, comments on it? advice? mabye if i added somthing to it?
Overall yes, new clothes here, also if you wish to keep up to speed with me check out my youtubes.

www.youtube.com/RhythmBeatFaust - Here i do vlogs about my life and when school is on i somtimes get recordings of my class being...performing arts students

www.youtube.com/RhythmBeatSuji - Here i voice act, fandub and junk as i kinda wanna be a voice over artist for video games and anime when i'm older.

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