Thursday, 10 November 2011


Sooo after a bit of advice from Tobi, And a bit of time to think. I have decided what style I'm going to go for. I went though all of them and this is what i managed to come up with.
Oni-Kei - Not really my thing, a little too grown up
Host-Kei - I like it, I think it looks cool and stuff but I dont think i'd be able to do that style full time, mostly because it looks freakihsly expansive xD;; HOWEVER If i do somehow end up running into a lot of money I will attempt it, but from what i've seen most people who wear this style are rather...tall >3> so i dont think i'd physically be able to pull of this style. 
Sentaa - I actually have LOADS of respect for anyone who wears either Sentaa or Manba styles, i personally see this as a form of true self expression which not everyone is able to do, one of those not everyone is me >3> mostly because my school would flip, and i mean FALIIIIIP if somone was to go in with that makeup and style xD;; But even then i dont think i'd have the confidence to wear it. 
Street Snap from mens egg - I like it, I like it A LOT and i think out of all of them this style will be the most do-able, and when i can think more i'm gonna re-design my blog around this style but theeeeen...
Cocolulu - OIEWGIUEFAIJOIJOESH OMG I THINK I'M IN LOVE WITH THE GUYS WHO WEAR THIS STYLE ITS FREAKING AMAZING...ahem...I love this style, all the colours involved and the hairstyles and the...yes, because yes. But then my only withdrawl is i love boots...a lot...xD;; would i be able to wear boots with this style, or should i go for a mix between cocolulu and the mens egg styles >3>;; Kinda like following Sui's lead and doing my own take on gyaruo...mabye...-is confused- 
ANYWAYS here's pictures of the style i will be attempting from now on.


  1. I love those boots!!!
    It's great that you've decided on what direction you'll be going in ^^
    Took me a while to decide as well. Tobi is great help right?!
    Best of luck!! I'm sure you're going to pull it off super well.

  2. omg where did u get these pics from?! they are sooo nice xx

  3. I'm sure this will suit you well (:

  4. This style looks so nice! Perfect for any young gyaruo :3 And... the boy on 3rd pic, he is so cute I wanna eat him lol ♥

  5. @Tobi - Google image search xD;; basics ftw