Thursday, 10 November 2011

DIETING!?...well kinda...

Oh Hai Gaiz!
So as you can tell by the topc's title I am going on a kinda diet.
Basically this all started when i found out i need to get a sports award for the uni I want to go to, and i lack one of those. I actually have several arts awards (In both costume design and Performance) And i have a academics award but NOTHING in sports.
I was actually stopped from doing P.E class in year 9 xD;; mostly because i refused to go in on the days when I had P.E. Soooo yar, basically I have To take up Track, Swimming or Gymnastics (I'm Chosing Gymnastics)
How the hell does this relate to gyaruo you ask?
Well as it stands i have no muscle on AT ALL i'm just skinny xD;;
but its because of that skinny, natually huge eyed physical appearance i'm able to go with a more...quirky take of the gyaruo style rather than the Host style or Mens Egg styles =w='' (Although i still ADORE the mens egg style) Basically i'm looking for advice here on what kinda style i should go for, as far as i've seen hosts tend to be more muscular, but i'm too short too pull off that style at only 5'3

Anyways, currently i am sitting in my schools theatre listening to bad apple and drinking diet pepsi. My Class are practicing a dance that's going to be in a show that's tonight and i'm not in this dance xD;; So i just decided to sit in the theatre and do some work...then the internet happned and here we are! :O

Oh another thing!
If i dont get into uni this year i'm thinking on studying fashion, do any of y'all know any colleges in london that would be good for fashion? I'd be comuting every day so it'd have to be easily acsessable from victoria. If not i'm going to have to go to canterbury for fashion, which would be nice since I love how relaxed Canterbury is, but at the same time the last time i went there i got lost and stood in dog poop...bad times...Soooo yar, i'm convinced the city hates me xD;; 
The only other thing i'd want to do other than fashion is recording arts since i am a voice actor and stuff, recording arts is a more stable career path than fashion and would actually help me break into voice acting and would actually relate to what i've been doing for the past 2 years, but at the same time I wanna do fashion xD;;

So as you can see from this post my mind is everywhere at the moment so i think i'm going to end this post before I start to make even less sense. So i leave you with some advice from me for this blog: Never put Jam in a toaster.


(More Gyaruo related blog posts to come, i promise! as soon as my circle lenses arive i'm gonna do something that no one else has done before and review them! :O )

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  1. Oni-kei (grown up style) not really for you x
    Host-kei obviously like alex and dom :) worth trying out x
    Sentaa (male version of manba) I dont think you will like it :P
    A cuter cocolulu type look :) lots of bright colours and shorts and trainers
    a casual look :) similar to the street snaps in mens egg! so it would be skinny jeans, picture t shirt leopard print hoody and gyaruo hair etc. :) xxx go through pics and find one that inspires you and work from that <3