Friday, 21 October 2011

I AM BORED! D: ....and Expo! :o

As you can problally tell by the Title of this post, i am incredibly bored x3;;
It's 8pm on a friday and i have no usuall xD;;
SOOOO~ I thought i would show you a picture of me on a school day! :o
As you can tell by my look of disspleasure it was first thing in the morning when i took this
And i think a monday....mabye...or a tuesday...actually it was a school day and the morning
so chances are i was feeling disspleased xD;;
But yar, my hair tends to be more gyaruo inspired than actuall gyaruo, so what do y'all think?
As for clothes, on my course we have to wear all black since its a performing arts
course, and we have to wear cargo pants or sweat pants instead of jeans, so i do my best
to look as gyaruo as I can in those guidelines =w=''...DID I MENTION THE DISSPLEASED LOOK!?
But going back to the topic of hair, naturally i have more of a cuter look, but my hair is more of
uuh...a cool style?....yar...i'm gonna word it like that and hope for the best. 
So i was wondering if anyone out there had any styling tips xD;;
I kinda wanna get my hair like the guys from mens egg youth
I think its already kinda similar, but around the fringe it needs work >3>;;
Also recently i became aware of something...i own no rings...=w='' suggestions please~
Also Expo is in a weeks time, are you going? I am o-o
I should be going to the Gyaru meet-up, my friend Emma is coming along too
she's the one in my puri in china town pictures x3
She's going since she loves the Gyaru fashion visually, but she dosn't want to wear it (She's a bit of a creative individuall like that xD;;)
At expo i wanna get a belt since there's this stand that sells all these belts with the cool belt buckles and yus...
OH ALSO I MAY FINALLY GET A COPY OF MENS EGG, as embarrassing as this is to admit
i've only been able to read the few scans of it that i could find online >3>;;
so yar, that should be exciting and stuff o-o

And to end this blog post i leave y'all with a joke

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