Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Where Has I Been....Again =w=''

Dear Persunz of the Internets
;o; I'm sorry i haven’t been posting more, I've just been so
Busy with college and what have you >3>;;;;;;
Performing arts courses are had and stuff, but there's an upside.
Next year I should SHOULD be going to an American uni...if I can
Get the funds together...if not I’m going to study fashion at a college
In Canterbury or London, which means I won’t miss any gyaru+gyaruo meetups
....not that I’ve missed any yet....not that I’ve been to any yet xD;;;....I need to get to one of those

I would like to study in London, just it will cost a little bit to live in a dorm, even at college
Level and my only reason for not going to America
This year would be funding sooooooo...spending as little as possible is very very necessary.

I just got a shipment in from Jiggys~ I only got 2 new things (I had to get 3 of the same top for school
Since they require you to wear all black on my current course....yeah....black...;o; somebody help me)
But one of the hoodies I got were awesome! :o it's like this zebra hoodie and it’s white and has zebras and yar, and the other thing I got was this top that covers your chest and then you were another
Thing under it so it are awesome~

Next post I’ll probably give some form of wish list xD.; I need more than one set of boots
Though my friend Jess recently got a job at topman, and their boots can
Be okay sometimes xD;; but since both top man and River Island are owned by
Arcadia, she should be able to get me a discount at river island too...i hope.

I just got to use "OOH THIS IS MY JAM" in a regular conversation, now back to gyaruo

More recently I’ve been wanting to meet more Gyaruo and Gyaru, so i you know...might get out
a little more...the town i live in is weird...it has this odd smell of casual racism and incest, so yar, i want to get out once and a while. Online wise i met Tobi, you should check out his blog because he's cool and has more of a social life than myself x3;; You should also check out Christian's blog (you can thank him for the creation of this blog, since without him I wouldn’t have started changing to Gyaruo.
I think there's usually some form of meet at Expo so i'll probally try going to that, but if anyone can give me more details on that it would be much appreciated~ 

On a self-promotion note soon I’m starting to make hoodies based off of anime and video game
characters. But if there's demand for it i shall make a few Gyaruo style ones too ^o^

btw if you're wondering why this post is so long , well I’m actually in school and i should be doing school work xD;; but i found out blogger wasn't blocked so i decided why the heck not =w=''' But i think i really should be getting back to work, so i shall, but be looking forward to my wish list which should be up tomorrow, it has wonderful things in it, like boots and hello kitty boxers...(the best part about that sentence is that I am completely serious....I am proud of myself)

Anyways, till next time, FARE THEE WELL~


  1. Awww! thank you for sharing me! haha x how much you thinking of selling the hoodies for? I might save up for a gyaruo style one :) and there is a meetup at expo! I'll do a post about it if you want? xx

  2. I'm probally gonna sell them for around £25, since i'd just sell them in the UK rather than the anime ones which will be £35. And Yus a post about it would be very helpfull thankyou~ ^o^

  3. Posted :) and ... friend discount? :P <3

  4. x3;; for friends i shall probally just cost for materials and postage...which shouldnt be any more than £10