Thursday, 27 December 2012

Re-Work, Wat.

So, a Hello to you my Dear Friend and what a while it has been since i have blogged last. 
I am here, in San Fransisco, It is currently 4am, and i am tired. Why chose to make this post now of all times you may ask, well my Dear follower chum, that is what i am about to tell you. 
I am making this post now because I will forget if i don't do it.
So some fun facts about where and what i'm doing.
As you might be able to see I have re-worked the blog completely.
I was going to do a "Super Hero" type thing to show i am really into comic books and stuff, but i feel the whole "Faustness" theme fits me much better, and i do hope you agree. As much as i would like to be a comic book hero and bounce about from building to building in spandex, i feel that would be for a different, oddly more gay, blog.
I am part of the Gal Circle Rebel Starr now, but if you didnt already know that then you are very far behind my Dear Follower Chum, Very Far behind indeed.
And Finally, My Hair is silver, Enjoy the picture below.
I am now going to bed as i am tired and my Boyfriend has finished Playing Borderlands 2.

Please Leave a comment telling me what you've done recently!
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