Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Grab Somebody Sexy! Its 2013!

And a Hello to you and a Merry new year, Dear follower Chum.
Yes You heard, we all survived though to 2013, other than all the people who didnt, and that is sad, but this is not a time for sadness, this is a time for joy and looking back.
So I shall, i shall look back on the Joyful time of my newyear celebration!
Which I shall tell you about.
In this blog Post.
Starting Now.
Here we go.
SO I started on the 30th by watching Pitch perfect with a few friends. Its a great Movie, defiantly right up there as one of my fave movies of all time now.
My Fave song from it was the "Cups" song. I like Techno and trance, but i really do like Accapella style songs, it really makes me wonder why i dont record some myself. 
So My boyfriend and his family took us out to this steak place called Black Angus, that was very very fun. 

For Starters My boyfriend and I shared a Shrimp Cocktail thingy.

It was so good! ;o; and i usually hate fish! but i let my boyfriend choose the starter as long as i got to choose the desert (Because I am Fatty-Chan)

For the main dish i had a Caesar Salad with Chicken and Fries...Yes i know, I should've chosen steak, but when choosing steak i always panic @.@ They're like "how would you like it done" and stuff, and i usually forget how you can have a steak done, so i sit there silent till i say something stupid like "BY A HUMAN" . I Feel like i should write this stuff down....oh wait.
Then It was time for desert. I will not explain just yet. Here's a picture of what we ate.

My Mouth is pregnant.
Honestly it was so good.
I mean it was GOOD
While leaving Black Angus my boyfriend got a text from our friend Miranda
"Party Starts at 7"
Suddenly we had new years party plans and i was so happy i took a random picture of me in the car! :O

So we went over to Mirandas and were greeted with Crack Cookies

They wernt really crack xD It was Powdered sugar, but by the end of the night the cookies ended up on the floor and over half the guests, so Miranda decided to vacuum everyone down.

Aint No one powdery round Miranda's Place.

Aint No one.

Then we played "Cards against Humanity" Its like Apples to Apples, but you have to play it drunk and it has adult things in it only. It was so much fun, you end up having to do things like "-Blank- Is a slippery slope that leads to -blank-" Obviously With the cards i had i put "The Pope is a Slippery Slope that leads to Molestation" 

Then the Ball Dropped, we partied for a bit and went home. I was drunk. 

What did you do for new year?

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